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Forte dei Marmi

fixdesign-a-forte-dei-marmi_784x0[1] imagesCAFK2A5ZThe small municipality of Forte dei Marmi is a holiday resort overlooking the southern portion of the Liguria Sea  and on the North coast of the Province of Lucca at the border of the one of Massa Carrara, the town takes his name from its Fortress that rises in the city centre, built under  Gran Duke Peter  Leopold to defence the coast from outer attacks, and from marbles which were transported from the Apuane Alps, near to, before being sent to the pier for shipping.

The country is characterized by a strong presence of green spaces, especially pine forests and some survivor scrub of holm oak, ancient plant typical of this area. Indeed, although public parks are not that many, the city is smarten up by tree-lined avenues and villas with large gardens.

The beach of Forte dei Marmi is entirely made up of fine-grained sand. The sea during certain times of year, but with the help of favourable sea currents is limpid and transparent evn far from the seashore.

The fashionable Versilia resort with its many clubs, discos and similar is the summer meeting point of many actors of the national and international finance, sports champions and big- names from the show business world.

Also it’s very popular to do shopping in Forte dei Marmi, there are so many well-known brands represented in this town like as: Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu and so on.

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