4 P.zza XXIV Maggio, Marina di Pietrasanta 55045 (LU) Toscana Italy

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Good knowing of territory and local market, zealousness, responsibility and competence of our staff are big guaranty of your future successful real estate operations : describe the object of your dream and we’ll find it! Every variant sent to You is provided with detailed description, wide range of photos, location and price.

Our agencies are consisted of very qualified and professional personal, which is operating all over the territory of Italy, in particularly in Versilia, offering a wide range of services connected with real estate and others.


• individual discounts and manners of payment;
• consulting and real estate selection completely corresponding to the request of clients;
• very professional, careful accomponiment of the procedure real estate buying-selling up to the last stage- notarial deed with constant presence of one of our staff;
• cadastral documents preparation, controlling of items of real estate conformity from the point of view of juridical cleanliness;
• assistance in opening bank account and necessary consulting of financial, juridical and commercial nature;

• tax code receipt;
• real estate maintenance during the year;
• real estate valuation;
• searching for investment projects inclusive very profitable commercial real estate at the stage of bankruptcy;

• organization of urgent house works: water supply, repairs, electricity, gardening, heating, iron works, designing, cleaning.







We are the member of Italian association of real estate agents and businessmen F.I.M.A.A. and also, according to the law n. 39 of 1989 of Italian  civil code,  we are registered in Chamber of Commerce of Lucca with number LU- 205602.